An old GVB bus garage transformed into a club: LOFI was created with the aim of breathing new life into Amsterdam’s free-spirited (night) culture. From indoor warehouse raves to intimate community gatherings on our courtyard.

Houserules & door policy

We expect our visitors to be open towards others, regardless of their origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion and age. We reserve the right to remove visitors from Lofi who do not abide by these rules and show aggressive, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, racist or ableist behaviour.

Read our houserules here


We are currently seeking both senior and junior freelance Sound Technicians.

Find our job applications here.


I can’t find the email with my ticket. What should I do?

Lost your ticket? No worries, simply use the link below to resend your tickets through our ticket provider Eventix.

Resend your tickets here

What is Lofi’s door- and search policy?

LOFI reserves the right to refuse entry to individuals at any time, regardless of whether they possess a presale ticket. Reasons for refusal may include, but are not restricted to, visible signs of intoxication, disrespectful or aggressive behavior towards our staff, unfamiliarity with the event’s program, attempting entry in large groups. Also, access may be denied to those wearing football shirts or any apparel with explicitly discriminatory prints, as we aim to maintain a welcoming and inclusive environment for all our guests.

Visitors of LOFI may be searched. Refusal to cooperate can result in the denial of access to the club.


I’ve lost something in the club; do you have a lost property department?

Lost something? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. If the item was still around after the club closed, we’ll make sure it will be returned to you.

To initiate the process, simply send an email to lost@lofi.amsterdam with a detailed description of the lost item and the date of your visit. Please note that we reply to lost item inquiries on Tuesdays.

To ensure a timely retrieval, make sure to contact us within 8 weeks from the date of the event. After this period, any unclaimed items will be disposed of.


What are Lofi’s opening hours?

Lofi’s opening hours may vary due to our diverse range of day and night events. Please make sure to check the specific opening hours of each event on our website under the “Events” section. You can fold out for more information by clicking on the event.

For your convenience, please note that in most cases, the doors will close 2 hours before the scheduled end time of the event.

Am I allowed to take pictures in the club?

We don’t mind you taking pictures and capturing moments with your phones (unless otherwise stated at the entrance!), but please be careful when doing so. However, using your flash is not allowed. It can disrupt the ambiance and the experience for others, ultimately spoiling the moment we’ve all come to enjoy.

Please be mindful of this rule, as Lofi reserves the right to promptly remove anyone caught using the flash and visibly disturbing either the DJ or fellow visitors.

Where can I buy tickets?

You can buy tickets for Lofi through our website. For any information or questions regarding Eventix ticketing policy, please follow this link.

What do I do when tickets in pre-sale (online) are sold out?

We mostly work with a one-in-one-out policy at the door.

Also, if there is limited doorsale, we’ll always share this on our Instagram. The earlier you come, the bigger the chances are of obtaining a ticket. Not sure if there is any door sale? Send us a message through Instagram or Facebook and we try to be as responsive as possible. In the meantime you can check www.ticketswap.com for second hand tickets.

What is the minimum age to enter Lofi?

Lofi’s minimum age is 18+. However, external events may use a different age. Always check the minimum age of the event on the event page when buying a ticket.

Is there a dress code?

Feel free to express yourself at LOFI in any way that makes you comfortable. We promote a culture of respect and encourage everyone to embrace their unique style.

Please note that while we celebrate individuality, access may be denied to those wearing football shirts or any apparel with explicitly discriminatory prints, as we aim to maintain a welcoming and inclusive environment for all our guests.

Can I pay by card and/or with cash?

LOFI is a cashless club, which means you can only pay by card at our venue. We accept all major credit- and debit cards.

Do you want to pay with cash? It is possible to transfer your cash onto a cash card at the bar.

Is there food available?

Absolutely! We offer a variety of fresh food options, including vegetarian choices, during both our day and night events. However, please keep in mind that our food court typically closes around 2 hours before the conclusion of our night shows.

Can I smoke or buy cigarettes at Lofi?

Smoking is only allowed outside at the designated areas. We don’t sell cigarettes at Lofi.

Can I leave the event and re-enter?

At most of our events, re-entry is not permitted. So in = in, out = out. For longer events (15h+), re-entry may be allowed – check last info on Instagram for more info.

Do you have lockers at Lofi?

Yes, we have big and small lockers available. Don’t forget to take everything out when leaving the event. All of our lockers will be reset after the event and can be used the next day or even the same night for another event. LOFI is not responsible for stuff that is left in a locker.

I’m enthusiastic about working at Lofi. Do you have open vacancies?

We are always looking for highly motivated people to join our team! Send an email to jobs@lofi.amsterdam with your motivation and CV attached.

For open vacancies, please head over to Jobs.

Where can I find the toilets?

We have two gender-neutral toilet groups. One is located inside our Club, take the stairs. The second one can be found at the back of our Courtyard, and is usually also available during winter/indoor events as well.

Is there a disabled toilet at Lofi?

Yes, there is a disabled toilet available at Lofi. You’ll find it located outside in the back of our Courtyard.

If you require any assistance during your visit, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our staff.

We’re committed to providing the necessary support to accommodate your needs. Feel free to approach our team with any requests or questions you may have.


I've seen or experienced something that I would like to share.

Lofi is dedicated to fostering a safe and inclusive environment at all times and strictly prohibits any form of harassment or discrimination.

If you ever feel unwell or unsafe, or witness any concerning incidents, please do not hesitate to contact our staff or security during the event. You can easily spot them at the bar or entrance.

For post-event feedback or if you wish to share any concerns, please don’t hesitate to send us an email at awareness@lofi.amsterdam. We will respond as promptly as possible.


LOFI is an industrial location that provides an indoor warehouse and an outdoor courtyard. These area’s are suitable for concerts, events, film screenings, school, student and (company) events and presentations.

The professional technical facilities for music make it possible to organize high-quality events. LOFI  guarantees an expert and warm welcome from you and your guests.

Below you will get an impression of the rooms.

Tap and hold your finger on the buttons to explore the venue.
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Basisweg 63
1043 AN, Amsterdam
The Netherlands


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