Dear public,
The municipality of Amsterdam has decided to close Lofi for four weeks, after two undercover officers visited one of our events last Friday. They observed some of the visitors enjoying music by dancing in the open air. This is not in accordance with the current regulations, which has led the local authorities to decide upon closing, a decision to be respected. All planned events for the next month will be postponed. 
Since the start of the epidemic in March, our 2000m2 outside terrain has offered a safe space to countless visitors, resulting in several amazing nights filled with music, food and art. We’ve made a continuous effort to implement and follow all imposed Covid-19 safety rules and regulations, including extra security, personal hosts, proper distancing, visitor screenings and constant health-checks. Creating memorable events, following all procedures and keeping our venue from going under, has been challenging. Still, since the beginning of the epidemic, the GGD nor a single visitor reported a positive case of Covid-19 contamination to us. 
During these unprecedented times, our events are the only tools to keep our staff on board and make a living for them and their families. The new reality we’re dealing with is sometimes hard to embrace. We hope that our (future) visitors will stay safe and not resort to illegal events without any supervision, a potential result of the current times. 
Hopefully we can re-open Lofi in four weeks. With the empathy and support of our visitors, and in collaboration with the local authorities of Amsterdam.